How to earn money from google

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money sitting in front of the desktop or mobile. Millions of people around the world are earning money online completing a wide range of tasks. You can earn regular income by enrolling in Google’s service. If you are thinking “how to earn money from Google”, here are best Google Jobs that can give you regular income.


Google AdSense :

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. There is nothing better on internet that can beat earnings from Google AdSense. Millions of AdSense publishers from all over the world are earning from this online job.

Here are the exact steps to earn money from Google AdSense :

  1. Create a Website or blog
  2. Publish regular good content on your website or blog
  3. Register your Adsense Account
  4. Once your AdSense account is approved, place AdSense ads on your Website or blog.
  5. Start earning for each and every time, ads are accessed by visitors.

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YouTube :

This is the second option to earn money through skill or creativity using YouTube. If you are good enough in creating videos whether it is of educational purpose, entertainment or business or marketing and development then you should create a channel on YouTube. After editing the video, you can upload it on YouTube channel.


Monetization should be enabled on videos. Once the channel or video hit more than 1000 subscribers or 10,000 views then Google will automatically display advertisements on videos. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program and start earning money after getting approval.

Here are the exact steps to earn money online from YouTube Channel.

  1. Start a YouTube channel
  2. Create a video through your mobile
  3. Upload your videos on YouTube
  4. Wait until you get good number of subscribers
  5. Apply for YouTube partner program
  6. Start earning from YouTube after getting the approval.

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Google AdMob :

Google AdMob is a mobile advertising company by Google. if you know how to generate an application then you can earn good revenue from Google AdMob. It allows developers to monetize their application. The AdMob mediation has ad network optimization which automatically adjusts the position of one’s ad network which ultimately stacks to ensure maximum revenue. Engagement on application plays a vital role in the accumulation of good revenues.

Here are the exact steps to earn money online from Google AdMob.

  1. Create an app
  2. Apply for AdMob
  3. Activate one or more ad unit IDs
  4. Display ads within the app
  5. Increase Engagement on app
  6. Accumulate good revenues


Google Opinion Rewards :

This is not a regular source of earning like the above-mentioned sources but you can earn money on a part-time basis from Google Opinion Rewards. This app is created by Google Survey team so one has to answer the quick surveys and earn the Google play credits. Those credits can be used to buy any kind of paid apps.

Here are the exact steps to earn money online from Google Opinion Rewards.

  1.  You can go to Android Play Store or iOS App Store
  2. Install the app on your mobile.
  3. Fill up survey forms
  4. Complete questionnaires of surveys
  5. Win Google Play credits.


Google pay :

Google pay is used for peer to peer digital payment services but you can also earn money easily by using it. It is the integration of Android Pay and Google Wallet. You just has to install the application from the Android play store. On the home screen, select add a bank account. After completing the process of adding account and registration. It will create UPI PIN for a bank account which can be used while making payments or one can set up PIN by their own. After linking your bank account with Google pay, one can invite friends to join google pay. If invited friends make their first payment from the sent link then the sender will get 51 on the first transaction of the user.


G- Suite Referral Program :

Google is offering a referral program to make money by G- suite. For that one has to apply for the referral program. This program will give a referral link. You can get the referral link in a welcome email after the registration process. For each subscription on G-suite, you can earn money. Though it is not available in all countries.


As above mentioned, sources are the best ways to earn money by sitting in front of the desktop or mobile. You can start generating good revenues by selecting any options mentioned above. It will be easy for you to get work from Google by just creating a Website or creating a video or generating mobile application or answering survey questions.


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